Striking a balance

We know that busy working lives often co-exist with busy home lives and as the two need to strike a balance to work well together, it makes sense to employ one person to cover both.

Our Executive Assistants are on hand to take on domestic tasks too and are well practised at juggling social diaries, liaising with schools, organising personal insurance or keeping on top of gift buying and giving.

Executive Assistance where you need it most.

Investing in Executive Assistance should be rewarding and cost-effective experience, bringing you calm and clarity in your professional and personal lives.  The value in outsourcing admin tasks comes in freeing up your time, making it easy to maximise productivity.

It’s why we provide total flexibility in our Executive services, allowing you to use our time where it’s needed most – be that at work or at home.

Integration of home/work life services include...

  • Organise personal insurances
  • Holiday research and booking
  • Reminder service
  • Gift ordering
  • School liaison

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