Many of our busiest clients don’t stop at just one business interest.

If you’ve got several strings to your bow, and perhaps a host of non-exec commitments too, the chances are you’re in need of someone to pull all those strings together.

Our Executive Assistants are well versed in juggling many different responsibilities for clients in demanding roles.  We can liaise with different teams and create one point of contact to bring calm and clarity to a complex working environment.

How one Virtual Assistant can do the job of many.

If you’ve got a number of business interests and corporate roles based in different offices, providing in-house admin support for each is a costly endeavour.  Virtual assistance, by the very nature of its role, doesn’t need to be on-site.

It means that employing one virtual Executive Assistant can provide cover for all the individual admin roles across your offices, streamlining business processes, saving costs and ultimately making life a lot simpler and easier for you.

Streamlining Assistance services include...

  • Diary management across all roles
  • Email management across all roles
  • Liaison with contacts across all roles
  • Be the main point of contact for all contacts

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