Simon Kidney

CEO of Robinson Manufacturing Ltd

“More than just a PA enabled me to find a VA with the right skillset for the job – someone I wouldn’t have been able to find by recruiting locally.”

Two years ago, when Simon Kidney’s business had grown to triple its original size, he started the search for PA support.

“I found my ability to find the time to manage the day to day running of the business had declined but I needed someone who had significant experience working in a busy PLC.  More Than Just A PA recommended Cathryn for me – she’s very smart, resourceful and welcoming and came with a track record in executive assistance.”

Since then, Cathryn has taken on tasks in all aspects of Simon’s life – both within the business and at home.

“The beauty of building a working relationship with someone like Cathryn is the flexibility.  I pay just for the hours I need but it means I can rely on her in many facets of life.  Not only is she my personal gatekeeper – organising my diary, reading emails, arranging meetings and so on – but she also manages the logistics of my life, whether it’s business travel, domestic projects, family holidays or social engagements.”

“Her portfolio of work is hugely diverse and she is excellent at rising to the various challenges my off-the-cuff style presents to her.”

Despite not working on site with Simon and other staff, she is still a key part of the team.

“We’ve met a handful of times over the years which has helped my senior leadership team to get to know her well but generally she’s very integrated within the company and despite having more than 250 staff, they all know to approach Cathryn as their first port of call.  For me, she feels very much an extension of my team, if not an honorary member of the family.”

And there are benefits to a remote working set up too.

“The fact that Cathryn doesn’t work on site with us means she’s free from office politics and internal challenges.  She can be neutral in the way she helps me manage the office and it means the personal tasks she takes on for me can be done with more discretion.”

“I’d call Cathryn an EA rather than a VA because the types of tasks she is able to take on for me is above and beyond what a general personal or virtual assistant would usually do.  I think the benefit of coming to More than just a PA to fulfil this position is simply the access to such a wide pool of experience and talent.  Their ability to match the right person to each client made the experience effortless.”

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