Still working from home? 5 ways to build rapport from a distance

Just weeks after the PM told Britain it was time to get back to the office, the message has changed again: work from home if possible. It’s a situation millions have been in since March.

Why outsourcing (at every stage) is the key to business growth

Your VA should be a true partner within your business, and if you’re making the most of your VA contract, they should also be actively helping you to grow your business.

Time management

We all know the phrase “time is money” but if you’re a small business owner, like myself, I bet you think it really hits the nail on the head!

10 tasks a Virtual PA can take off your hands today

At More Than Just a PA, We often find that the biggest challenge for new clients is getting started. If you’re at the point where your workload is unmanageable, but you haven’t a clue what to hand over, then read on…