3 signs you need a Virtual Assistant

If you’re new to the world of virtual assistance, it can be hard to imagine what it looks like.

People often ask me: what is VA support?

In reality, it’s much simpler than it sounds.  If you’re desperate for someone to save you from hours of business admin – that’s VA support.  If you simply don’t have the time to keep your office running smoothly – that’s VA support.

If you’re struggling to get your business back up and running post-Covid, and wonder how to deal with new ways of working or help your staff work remotely – that’s VA support too.

The reality is that Virtual Assistants are the ultimate flexible, scalable office accessory.  We operate like an additional member of your team, but without any of the overheads.  We’re here to take on those essential tasks which cost you valuable time and we’re here to offer support and advice as your business grows.

Generally there are three tell-tale signs that a business owner needs VA support.  Ask yourself these questions and see if you could thrive with extra support.

  1. Do you often feel overwhelmed with tasks that never end?
    It could be that there’s no end in sight on the To Do List, that piles of paperwork never seem to disappear or simply that you’re spending all day fielding emails, notifications and messages.  The risk with this is that often you’re wasting valuable time much better spent on your main projects.
  2. Do you find yourself taking on tasks you don’t really know how to do?
    It’s unrealistic to expect a company owner to be an expert in every facet of business and yet it’s a common burden clients take on.  Why should you know the ins and outs of book keeping or how to use the latest diary scheduling software?  These are specialist skills and it’s logical to outsource them.
  3. Do you work evenings or weekends more often than not?
    You might imagine that starting your own business comes with antisocial working hours as standard.  Whilst it’s not unusual in the early stages to want and need to put the time in to get things off the ground, regularly working outside office hours is a bad habit.  It’s another sign you’re overloaded and it’s not healthy or sustainable in the long term.

Since 2011, I’ve provided support to clients struggling with at least one of these problems – and more often than not, all three.  These are the most common reasons people seek out VA support, but there is one additional factor:

Do you want to grow your business but lack the finance for full time staff?

Using a VA whilst trying to scale your business gives you access for a huge range of experience and skills with no financial burden.  Services are cost effective but flexible, allowing you to scale up and down as cashflow allows.

In just the last few months however, the rulebook has been ripped up and there has been an unprecedented shift in focus for all businesses globally.  We know that after lockdown, almost every company is now facing new challenges: major changes to working practices, trading or operating restrictions and huge financial constraints are all part of the new normal.

So, post-pandemic planning may leave you with new dilemmas: how to free up time to reinvent how you operate, how to bring together a virtual team or how to communicate with your clients in the C-19 environment.

Virtual PAs, by the very nature of our work, are the experts on remote team working.

We can help you set up your new teams, advise on technology to help you collaborate remotely, and set up virtual access to all your usual business processes.

Alternatively, we can just take on some of the workload for you.  Our service doesn’t demand a financial commitment – we make it easy for you to be flexible with your costs and flexible with your needs.

Either way, if you identify with any of my 3 signs, remember: outsourcing to a VA is never a sign of failure, but a strong business decision.  Running your company shouldn’t be overwhelming or all consuming.  Finding the right VA should transform how you work forever.

Look out for my next blog post where I’ll offer impartial advice on how to choose a virtual assistant.


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