What pinch points could we resolve for you in 10 hours per month?

The services of a virtual assistant (VA) are indisputable and far reaching, but what can actually be done to support you within our most popular package of 10 hours per month?

One answer: a lot!

More Than Just A PA specialise in supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, with one of our main niche clients being the business consultants, coaches and trainers. Our clients have extremely busy lives and juggle many needs and demands of their clients in turn. It is our job to support, ease pinch points, smooth systems, make lives easier and less admin heavy.

Here are a few examples of our coaching clients and what we undertake for them within 10 hours per month:

Client A is a psychology-based coach, with individual and business organisational contacts across the UK and mainland Europe.

For this client we ensured we had a full understanding of her business and areas of ‘pain’ and started off by setting up systems to streamline and make diary management and financial aspects accurate, up to date and able to integrate with any external needs, such as tax accountant and VAT submissions. In this instance we set up, and maintain, Xero as a cloud-based accountancy solution for invoicing and book-keeping, as well as Calendly to manage appointments. We deal directly with her clients to take coaching appointment bookings and liaise with them on her behalf with necessary pre- and post-appointment paperwork. We maintain accurate records of the coaching hours Client A undertakes for her own accreditation and personal development records. We provide financial and time reports for forecasting. We also book all of her travel, business and personal, national and international.

Client B is a consultant specialising is coaching within the professional services sector.

As such their reporting and accountability needs for their clients is incredibly high, having a knock-on effect across their business, their clients’ businesses and their clients governing body regulators. We provide full diary management, using an exchange calendar that we have access to. We administer psychometric profiling assessment (in this case the “Insights” profiling system)for one of their main client’s employees, ensuring reports are available for team sessions, sent to clients direct, and included within the detailed multi-page report supplied to their clients on a monthly basis to review activity. We deal with all transactional reporting for invoicing and review meetings; and keep their website up to date.

Client C is a coach and mentor within the professional veterinary services sector.

This client has a variety of 1-2-1 clients undertaking face-to-face and online coaching sessions and mentoring, which requires us to provide and administer coaching agreements (using systems such as Adobe Online) and online bookings, followed up within a specific timeframe, and again the arrangement of psychometric profiling assessments (this time using the HBDI profiling system). She also runs high-attendee 6-week coaching groups online via webinars, supported with resources online (such as a private Facebook group where we provide social media and digital content management) as well as coaching agreements, invoicing and processing payments. Again, travel bookings and book-keeping are part of our service provision.

For all our clients we offer phone advice and reassurance – yes, even professional coaches can suffer from mental fatigue and imposter syndrome – wider business support and encouragement. We are the extra team member who has a vested interest in, and cares about, our client’s business and is happy to do the research and legwork needed to come up with solutions to problems and needs.

What would you want us to provide you on a regular basis that would make you more productive and less stressed?